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Punky Reggae - Stero Lion


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The Plates: Punky Reggae


Jeep Macnichol- Punky Reggae




The Plates is a Punk/Reggae collaboration between drummer Jeep Macnichol (originally from Toledo, Ohio) and vocalist Stero Lion (originally from England/The Bronx). The band is based out of Denver, Colorado.


Macnichol kicked off his music career as the original drummer for Colorado based band, The Samples (1987-1997). After a decade, he left the band and created “Mr. Anonymous” (2003-Present), releasing Dancehall/Dub flavored albums with singers from Jamaica and the UK.


Stero Lion, born of Jamaican and Trinidadian parents, grew up in England until the age of 11 when he moved to the Bronx New York. His music began with toasting on various local Sound Systems. After moving to Denver in his 20’s,  Stero held the resident Reggae Dj chair at 1190 AM radio in Boulder, Colorado. In 2000, he joined Heavyweight Dub Champion as a vocalist and frontman until 2007. The next year brought the release of a solo debut EP entitled “Lion Paw” on Mercury Sauce Records.


The Plates Photo 1  The Plates Photo 2


email: jeepmusic(Replace this parenthesis with the AT sign)gmail.com



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9 thoughts on “The Plates, Punky Reggae (2014)

  • Reply

    Hearing the drums last Sunday at the park & gettin to meet you all was unbelievable! I’ve been listening to your CD all week & am desperate for more!!!

  • Reply
    Michael Douglas

    Hey Guys,

    Good to see that you’re getting some love from our local scene! Are you ready to record your next album? I want to extend the invitation to come down to our recording studio and take a tour, or get you started on that album. Give me a call and let’s get you started.
    Michael Douglas
    303-872-9993 ext. 112

  • Reply

    I realize you usually stay local, but now I see a U.K. Tour on the horizon. Does this possibly forecast a western U.S. tour–perhaps the Seattle area?

  • Reply

    TIGHT RIGHT & OUTTA SIGHT…….Whadda show at the HI-Dive last Friday!!!!!!! Blew my socks right off….can’t find em aNyWhErE:) PuNkY TeChToNiC Plate Vibrations Across The Nation!!!!!!

  • Reply
    edward haider

    Looking very much forward to a SLAMMiN’ ShOW at the Lion’s Liar this Saturday NiTE, 10/25!!!!!! The PLATES AlWAYs bring the GUUD SHITE!!!!!!!!! )))))A*S(((((