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The Plates Live

The Plates: Punky Reggae

The Plates “Live Performance” schedule for Summer 2016 1


Sat. May 28 @ “Creekfest” (Boulder Bandshell)  4:00-5:30pm set

Fri. June 17  @  Hi-Dive (“Garage Punk Fest”)  denver

June…  “Juneteenth Music Festival” denver TBA

August 20 @ Dicken’s Opera House (with Selassie And The Fa Fa Family)  Longmont

September 3 @ The Stage Stop (“Punk Rock Fest”)  Rollinsville


Jeep’s “31 day” drum challenge…this is for the drummers 1



      Happy holidays to all of you. This is Jeep from The Plates. I love Christmas, and the reason I love it is because it’s a whole season and not just a single day(for me anyway). That being said, I figured I’d share a concept that might be inspirational to some of you drummers out there.
      I’m always changing things up from week to week as far as practice routines, but I came up with this one last week. It’s called the “31 day challenge” inspired by the 31 days of December.
      In a nutshell, I’m devoting 20 minutes every day to work on JUST one skill…and that means ONE and ONLY one skill for 20 minutes ONLY. I posted a BLOG about my “20 minute theory” a couple years ago, and this basically follows that headspace but even more streamlined.
      I have a lick that I’m working on for myself(email me back if you’re curious), but pick one for yourself and practice it. here are the steps:
1. get a timer
2. make a chart to cross off each day as you go
3. pick your skill/lick to work on…. maybe its double stroke rolls, or flams, or elephant beats, punk beats, a Tony Williams lick, whatever…
Just stick with that one lick using ninja focus for 20 minutes each day…and the result on January first will be sweet, trust me!!!!
ps: tomorrow is the 3rd so if youre starting tomorrow, you gotta catch up 😉