The Plates “Live Performance” schedule for 2016 2



August 20 @ Dicken’s Opera House (with Selassie And The Fa Fa Family)  Longmont

September 3 @ The Stage Stop (“Punk Rock Fest”)  Rollinsville

October 7 @ Lion’s Lair (Denver)

October 29 @ Moe’s Barbeque (Halloween Show)  Denver


Jeep’s “31 day” drum challenge…this is for the drummers 1



      Happy holidays to all of you. This is Jeep from The Plates. I love Christmas, and the reason I love it is because it’s a whole season and not just a single day(for me anyway). That being said, I figured I’d share a concept that might be inspirational to some of you drummers out there.
      I’m always changing things up from week to week as far as practice routines, but I came up with this one last week. It’s called the “31 day challenge” inspired by the 31 days of December.
      In a nutshell, I’m devoting 20 minutes every day to work on JUST one skill…and that means ONE and ONLY one skill for 20 minutes ONLY. I posted a BLOG about my “20 minute theory” a couple years ago, and this basically follows that headspace but even more streamlined.
      I have a lick that I’m working on for myself(email me back if you’re curious), but pick one for yourself and practice it. here are the steps:
1. get a timer
2. make a chart to cross off each day as you go
3. pick your skill/lick to work on…. maybe its double stroke rolls, or flams, or elephant beats, punk beats, a Tony Williams lick, whatever…
Just stick with that one lick using ninja focus for 20 minutes each day…and the result on January first will be sweet, trust me!!!!
ps: tomorrow is the 3rd so if youre starting tomorrow, you gotta catch up 😉

who are The Plates?

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The Plates is a Denver based Punk/Reggae band featuring original Samples drummer Jeep Macnichol , original Heavyweight Dub Champion frontman Stero Lion, and Kingston Jamaica bassist Ian Anderson. “Earth Moon Version” is their 2nd album and showcases rawness, experimentalism, and lo-fi sensibilty in delivering a Punkish Reggae psychedelic attitude. Recorded at The Blasting Room studio(owned by Bill Stevenson from Black Flag and The Descendants), this album was recorded in a month and captures a fire and unpolished tone inspired by Who drummer Keith Moon. The lyrics offer social and political commentary with grooves riding a high energy mix of bashing and melody. If you like the English Beat or first couple Police albums along with 70’s style Jamaican dancehall artists like Iroy and Dillinger, you will fully enjoy the vibe of “Earth Moon Version”

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