The Plates “Live Performance” schedule for 2016 2



August 20 @ Dicken’s Opera House (with Selassie And The Fa Fa Family) ¬†Longmont

September 3 @ The Stage Stop (“Punk Rock Fest”) ¬†Rollinsville

October 7 @ Lion’s Lair (Denver)

October 29 @ Moe’s Barbeque (Halloween Show) ¬†Denver


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2 thoughts on “The Plates “Live Performance” schedule for 2016

  • Dave Cook

    Hey Now Jeep,

    Dave Cook here in Bedford, PA. You might know me better as Chris Cook’s bro and fellow MVCDS alum.

    My wife Heidi and I produce a multi genre festival scheduled for August 5-7.

    This is our fifth year and we are working on bands for the bill.

    I have followed your musical exploits over the past few years on FB.

    We wanted to inquire and see if The Plates might be available in the Mid-Atlantic on our dates?

    Hope to hear from you. It sure has been awhile!