The Plates… New CD & Music Video

The Plates - Punky ReggaeHere it is… my new project called The Plates. The album is called “Punky Reggae”. It’s an action packed 25 minutes of speedy drumbeats and punky basslines underneath atmospheric Jamaican singing and machine gun Rasta toasting.

My inspiration was my car soundtrack which for the last year has been zoned in on Minor Threat, old Police albums, and 70’s Jamaican dj’s like Dillinger and Iroy.

The tunes are FREE and FOR SALE on the site… and because I get asked this a lot, for those of you who wanna support the band by “buying” the music use the CDBABY link on the homepage. You can purchase downloads or order an actual cd which makes a stylish coaster or wall decoration after you put it on your ipod

I hope you all like it.
Jeep Macnichol aka Mr Anonymous

Listen to the album and watch the music video – click here

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